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  • Customer Announcement

    We­ are­ proud­ to­ announce­ that­ Acal­ Enterprise­ Solutions­ Limited­ will­ be­ changing­ company­ name­ to­ Agilitas­ IT­ Solutions­ Limited­ from­ Monday­ 2nd­ February­

  • New appointment at AES

    Acal­ Enterprise­ Solutions­ Limited­ is­ pleased­ to­ announce­ the­ appointment­ of­ Stephen­ Graham­ to­ the­ role­ of­ Business­ Development­ Director.­

Acal Enterprise Solutions provide the most innovative and comprehensive technical inventory service to the leading OEMs and field service providers.

We maintain and manage spare parts inventories, and deliver complementing technical services across 25 countries and to over 5,000 locations throughout Europe. Our services have been specifically designed to equip customers with control over inventory expenditure, optimised spare part availability and enhanced service performance.

Whether you are looking for a reliable service inventory partner, want to extend your service into new markets or would like to support a broader product portfolio we have the infrastructure, expertise and technical capability to help you every step of the way.